Who should treat your back pain?


Who should treat your back pain?

Whether your back pain has become a tenant in your body or just a midnight visitor, it's not a good thing to let it stay.

You might have heard about the cases where a wrong solution magnifies the problem. That's why they say, the right diagnosis is the most crucial part of the treatment, and consulting any random doctor won't do the trick. You have to pick the right person for the job.

So, instead of running here and there, choose the expert in the field. The specialists who are the right fit for treating your back pain are as follows-

  1. Pain Physician

A pain physician specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of pain. Their one-year extra fellowship in pain management makes them ideal for back pain treatment. Their job is to find the right cause of your pain and a suitable treatment that works best for you. 

They often use a wide range of non-surgical treatments like medical treatment, injections, minimally invasive techniques. Along the way, they might use several therapies in coordination with each other. If any of these doesn't work out, surgery will be considered at last.

  1. Neurologist

A neurologist is a specialist of the central nervous system comprises the brain and the spinal cord. Chances are you are experiencing back pain due to some problem in your spinal cord.

They treat your spine problems non surgically. Having tremendous knowledge of problems related to the spinal cord, they can find the best treatment. But if the disease is too severe to be treated non-surgically, they may refer you to a neurosurgeon.

  1. Neurosurgeon

A neurosurgeon is also a specialist in the central nervous system. Not only do they provide the best non-surgical treatments for your spine problems, but they can also perform surgery if needed.

Right from diagnosis to nonsurgical or surgical treatments, they can carry out all the tasks single-handedly.

The best way to go through all this is to consult someone with a lot of experience. And if you think the treatment prescribed by your current doctor is not working for you or you want to reconsider surgery, go for a second opinion.

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