NEUROSTIMULATION Treatment Strategy in Rajasthan India


NEUROSTIMULATION Treatment Strategy in Rajasthan India

NEUROSTIMULATION or spinal cord stimulation is a method of inducing low voltage electric current to the spinal cord or peripheral nerves, in a controlled condition.

It helps to block the painful stimuli within the conductor pathway itself, before reaching the brain.

How does it work?

It is a small surgical implant, about the size of a stopwatch that delivers electricity via few wires/leads. The procedure includes a minimal invasive surgery and basic training to use the device effectively.

In most of the painful diseases, the intensity and type (burning, stinging, sharp or dull) of pain manifestation usually vary from time to time (in different season, even in different hours of a single day). Even changes in posture can lead to a sudden attack of painful symptoms.

Via a handheld remote programmer, the degree of neural stimulation can also be adjusted accordingly, whenever you need.


Neurostimulation is a comparatively new technology. The potent pain blocking analgesic action of this implanted device is a saviour to patients suffering from diseases that cause constant excruciating pain, like :

  • Bone pain

  • Chronic pain syndromes

  • Arthritis, osteoarthritis

  • Neuralgic disorders (trigeminal Neuralgia etc)

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Neck and back pain syndromes etc.

  • Failed back surgery syndrome

  • CRPS

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What are the advantages ?

There are many advantages to this increasingly popular therapy named Neurostimulation. It's excellent chronic pain management.

  • Patient has ultimate the power here. You can actually control the level of electric current you need or tolerate inside your spinal canal. Not Your doctor but you choose that.

  • You can always get back to traditional treatment regimens if you wish. That device is not like a new part of your body, it can be removed via a minor surgery whenever you want.

  • The surgeries needed to plant or remove it, are almost no surgery. These are simple outpatient procedure and the patient is released immediately afterwards.

  • Much safer, No side effects all over the body, as with medicines. This work specifically to the area of pain.

  • Even better, this can provide actual relief when other therapies like physiotherapy, oral tablets and even injections have failed.

Is it safe?

Our first concern about a new therapy is safety. And that's reasonable! We assure you, Neurostimulation has helped lots of patients in our clinic already. 

NEUROSTIMULATION is slowly replacing the traditional painkillers, steroids, spine surgeries and long term physical therapies for good. 

In chronic issues a long term treatment is the only way, you need something that doesn't become another problem itself. That's where this Spinal cord stimulation aka Neurostimulation wins over all the others.

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