Relieve Lower Back Pain with Ease


Relieve Lower Back Pain with Ease

Let's admit it! we are getting careless with our health day by day. If you find yourself using painkillers, pain relief sprays, or your beloved dad maa ke nuskhe for your pain prone back, it's time to get serious about it. To be honest, back pain shouldn't be included in your daily routine.

Breathe a sigh of relief coz I've got your back. With these easy and effective ways, you can turn the table upside down.

Consult a doctor

To be on the safer side. If it's been a long time since you have been suffering from back pain, consult a specialist. A doctor who has expertise in lower back pain can be a Pain Physician, Neurosurgeon or Neurologist.

Ice and heat therapy

Use alternative ice and heat therapy to ease the pain. Applying an ice pack can reduce the swelling whereas heat can increase the blood flow and relax the muscles.

Apply it for at least 10 to 20 minutes. Take two hours break between applications.

Relax but not much

Take some rest, reduce your stress level. While lying on your back, put a pillow under your knees, and while if you're on your side, insert a pillow between your knees.

But too much time in bed can worsen the pain. Move around a bit, take a walk. Staying for a long time in bed can cause stiffness and hence increase pain.

Yoga and meditation

Do some yoga poses like Child's pose, Cat-Cow, Extended Triangle, Cobra Pose, Locust Pose, Bridge Pose. Slow and controlled movements in yoga relieve back pain and reduce stress.

Engaging your mind with some positive thoughts can also help in some way. Sore muscles can tense your mind and vice versa. Use meditation and mindfulness as a key to your mind.

These ways can help you in relieving your back pain. Though if the cause is an underlying disease or any other issue, the pain will return. The right diagnosis is the main part of the treatment. Take professional help from an experienced neurosurgeon for chronic pain.


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