Cervical Spondylosis Treatment In Jaipur


Cervical Spondylosis Treatment In Jaipur

Cervical Spondylosis or Neck osteoarthritis is basically age-related wear and tear of the cartilage, tendons and muscles in the neck that may manifest into severe pain symptoms. It is such a common disorder that almost 90% persons older than 60 years of age are suffering from one or other type of spondylosis.

What are the causes?

Cervical Spondylosis may happen as a result of:


  • Slow but constant degeneration of the intervertebral discs over the years

  • Herniation of disc(s), creating compression on surrounding nerves and tissues

  • Osteoarthritis aka cartilage degeneration

  • Bone spurs (abnormal ingrowth of bone fragments, along vertebral edges)

And the most dangerous fact is that, most of these abnormalities do not show any significant symptoms. Most patients get diagnosed very late, when large damage has already happened.

Common risk factors

  • Advanced age, the commonest

  • Smoking

  • Genetic and familial history

  • Occupational hazards (desk jobs, plumbers, mechanics, painters etc jobs involving fixing the neck/head onto a direction for hours)

  • Straining of neck 

  • Neck injuries due to some other reason

  • Heavyweight lifting

  • Vibration exposures ( heavy vehicle drivers)

Symptoms to look for

Often cervical Spondylosis goes undetected while progressing for years. Look for these common symptoms to start early treatment.


  1. Neck pain, stiffness. This is the main symptom

  2. Soreness

  3. Muscle spasms

  4. Frequent unexplained Dizziness and headaches

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Treatment Options

Treatment is only suggested for patients with pain symptoms. Available options are :


  1. Physical therapy

  2. Ice,heat and massage

  3. Oral medications

  4. Soft collar or braces

  5. Injection or block therapies ( cervical epidural block, facet joint block)

  6. Radiofrequency ablation

How to Prevent

Most people get affected in older age, which can not be avoided as it is a natural degeneration process. 

But other risk factors can be nullified, by:

  • If your work involves straining your neck into a fixed direction, take enough small breaks in between.

  • Apply ice or hot water on neck and back of neck when feeling sore

  • Do regular stretching exercises

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