Lower Back Pain Treatment in Jaipur


Lower Back Pain Treatment in Jaipur

What is Lower Back Pain?

Any pain in the back at pelvis level, that generally includes hip joint, lower vertebrae etc.

It's very common, occurs as a result of sudden strain or injury to the muscles and ligaments,nerve entrapment,spine disc pathology,spinal cord injury. That's why you need the Lower back pain management from JPRC neurospine centre, the best back pain management clinic Jaipur.

Risk factors

Most people suffer from back pain in some phase of life, at least for once.

Yet there are some common factors:

  1. Age : vertebral discs start to wear away with advancing age.  People above 30 years of age are more prone to get lower back pain.

  2. Weight : Obesity puts extra load on the joints and musculature.

  3. Occupational hazard: People who bend or lift heavy weights daily, are more likely to injure their back muscles and ligaments.

  4. Structural problems: A person may have a defective spinal column, malformed weak joints by birth.

  5. Other diseases: people suffering from restrictive diseases: fracture, spondylosis, osteoarthritis,osteoporosis, cancer etc are prone to suffer from back pain.


  1. Maintain a healthy weight. Obesity imposes extra pressure on joints and ligaments.

  2. Exercise daily. keep your joints and muscles strong

  3. Make abdominal muscles strong. They maintain stability of back 

  4. Lift heavy weights by holding them close and with your legs, as in doing a squat. Bending your torso while having a huge pressure on, leads to a sudden snap and tear.

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Symptoms :

Symptoms may come and go haphazardly. Events causing sudden stress to the back structures (bending during exercise, lifting) triggers the pain.

Sharp, burning, intense pain is most common, which spreads from waist into the legs as well. Lying down helps temporarily. 

Other symptoms might be following:

  • Stiffness and immobility

  • Posture problem : patients feel uncomfortable in standing or sitting in a specific posture only (even if it looks unusual), as other positions are painful.

  • Muscle spasms

Diagnosis :

Lower back pains are pretty easy to diagnose, a general physical examination is enough. 

Your doctor may ask for imaging tests like spine X-ray, MRI, CT scan, Electromyography etc to detect broken or malformed bones, damage in the soft tissues and other underlying pathology.

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Best lower Back pain Treatment Jaipur :

Lower back pain isn't a threatening condition, usually heals within days, with Over-the-counter medicine, hot/ cold compression and rest.

Don't impose pressure or extra stress, but staying active helps in healing. 


Other treatment regimens are :

  • Medication 

  • Physical therapy , acupuncture.

  • Hands-on manipulation ie massage (chiropractic/osteopathic)

  • Injections ( often, steroids)

  • Surgery (minimally invasive techniques available)

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