Gym and Sports Injuries Treatment In Jaipur


Gym and Sports Injuries Treatment In Jaipur

Needles to say, regular exercise and playing some sports have numerous advantages, certainly promoting our health and well being. Doctors often advise most of us, to get involved in some physical activities daily as it helps preventing various potential diseases as well. But too much of anything is bad and so is true for this. 

Injuries are very common during games or gym exercises and if you're not careful enough they can cause even serious damages to the limbs and nerves as well.

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Who are most likely to get injured?

Literally anyone who's not paying attention. But there are some factors that increases the risk, like :

  • Exercise without warming up

  • Continuous strenous exercise without rest

  • No proper protective gears

  • Doing mechanical gym exercises alone, without the help of insturctor

  • Contact sports like football, where players tackle and collide

  • High intensity sports that involves lots of jumping, running and changing direction very fast.

  • Sudden upgradation into more difficult training regime or starting heavy exercises at once that are beyond your body's capabilities.

Tips to reduce sports injuries:

Avoiding all the risk factors mentioned above can help you saving yourself from a damage. Here's some additional tips for you:

  1. Choose sports and activities that are safer

  2. Variety helps to work all the muscle groups) alternatively. Mix up your routine. Combine different types of exercise

  3. Stay hydrated when breaking sweat.

  4. Know proper techniques first

  5. Check unrealistic expectations. Take adequate rests. Be patient with your progress

  6. Never forget to Stretch. Do Warm up before and cool down afterward.

  7. Wear proper dress.

Which part of my body can get injured ?

Again, literally any part of your body. But some are specially vulnerable during movements and carrying weights, as :

  • Shoulder

  • Achilles tendon

  • Ankle

  • Hamstrings

  • Elbow and knee

  • Neck, specially cervical discs and muscles

  • spine

Broken bone, cartilage tear, concussion, heamorrhages, torn ligaments, tendinitis, sprains etc may happen


Pretty common and easily recognisable symptoms as :

  • General Pain, swelling, redness

  • Restrictions of normal movement

  • Deformities

  • Cracking, grinding, frictional sounds upon forced movement

  • Weakness, muscle power loss

  • Warm and sensitive skin

After a injury, immediately stop the activity, massage the area, apply ice/heat compression frequently.

If the pain/swelling and bleeding doesn't go away or limb deformities (leg bending opposite) is found, contact Sports and Gym Injury treatment pain doctor immediately


Like any other muscle or bone damages, sports injuries are also diagnosed with following standard steps 

  • History taking

  • Physical examination and mobility test

  • Imaging : MRI, CT scan, X-ray

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Treatment procedure:

Our team of specialized pain doctors and neurosurgeons will treat your sports pain and gym exercise injuries promptly to ensure full recovery and fast rehabilitation.

Immobilization, injections, anti-inflammatory and painkillers, physical therapies and surgery everything related to sports pain treatment available at a pocket friendly package for all.

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