Endoscopic Spine Surgery


Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Endoscopic spine surgery in India is a new technique with which back pain can be treated through quick recovery and takes less time than open back surgery. Earlier endoscopic surgery was used only for diagnostic purpose. Still, in India, endoscopic spine surgery is used to diagnose both diseases and  treated through this surgery.

Types of Endoscopic Spine Surgeries


  • Lumbar disc herniation is the most common indication for endoscopic spinal surgery. In an endoscopic discectomy, only the herniated part of the disc is removed.

  • This can be done by
    1) trans-foraminal endoscopic discectomy or

            2) interlaminar endoscopic discectomy,
             depending on the surgeon’s preferred position.

  • A complete endoscopic discectomy is performed. Bone grafts and cages are inserted into the intervertebral space using a small tube under fluoroscopy guidance. Percutaneous pedicle screws are then inserted using tiny holes in the skin.

  • A small endoscope is used to remove the herniated part of the vertebral disc from successive microforaminotomy procedures. This avoids previous complete open dissection, which may requires a fusion surgery procedure 

most of tuberculosis pott's spine can be eradicated and treated surgically with the help of a spinal endoscope. It reduces pain and provides tissue for further biopsy testing.

Various other procedures such as previous cervical discectomy and thoracic spinal procedures can also be performed with a spinal endoscope. The endoscope can visualise the complete part of the spine to ensure adequate anterior and posterior decompression by a gradual approach.


Procedure for Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Endoscopic spine surgery is performed through small incisions using endoscopic instruments so that your surgeon can see the internal organs of your body. Typically, one or more dissections require less than half an inch 7 mm to 1.5 cm for your surgeon to insert video transmitting machines.

Your back muscles have been removed from their spinal connections to create a space so that your surgeon can easily place the endoscope rods, screws, bone grafts, etc., needed by surgery.

Advantages of Endoscopic Spine Surgery

  • These are the least invasive spinal surgeries with all the benefits of MIS spinal surgery.

  • Many procedures can be performed under local anaesthesia suitable for elderly patients with treatment problems.

  • These are very safe procedures because of the space and illumination provided by the endoscope.

Limitations of endoscopic spinal surgery

  • Specialised training is required. Particular OT setup and tools required Surgeries are slightly more expensive due to the use of specialised equipment.

  • Sometimes, endoscopic procedures do not allow adequate access. Not all pathologies are treatable by endoscopic techniques.

Endoscopic spine surgery cost

The cost of endoscopic spinal surgery is not comparable to other countries in India. The fee of spinal surgery is very nominal. and affordable to people in the country and abroad. People from outside the country also prefer to come to India because of spending at least six times the expenses of other countries.

The quality of treatment cannot be poor just by looking at the cost of surgery alone, because quality treatment is our main goal as  we do minimal invasive treatment only to treat the whole pathology of patient spine problem. In India, the cost of treatment varies from 1000-3000$. The cost of endoscopic spinal surgery in India is well affordable to everyone. so several patients are referred through them

The Endoscopy Spinal Surgery Center at JPRC Neuro Spine Centre jaipur and apex hospital jaipur in India is located in a acessible and comfortable part of the country for the people's comfort.

Ending Thoughts

The endoscopic means the instrument is operated by seeing live structures and acess to problematic structure by using an endoscope. The method by which the endoscope is used to monitor the actual condition of the vertebral canal. is considered to be the endoscopy method. If surgical treatment of the spine is started  by using the endoscope, the procedure is known as endoscopic spinal surgery.