Kyphoplasty : get to know your treatment


Kyphoplasty : get to know your treatment

What is a kyphoplasty ?

Often, spinal tumours, injuries, thinning of bone etc may cause cracks and breaks in the thick body of your vertebrae. These small fractures, later may cause vertebral collapse or spinal cord compression, which is dangerous for the normal functionality of spinal cord. 

Kyphoplasty ( also called vertebroplasty) is a very effective surgical way to treat this, so that disabilities can be avoided.

When does anyone need kyphoplasty ?

Not just any back pain needs kyphoplasty. Kyphoplasty is a special regenerative treatment, that is only done if the patient is Suffering from -


  • progressive painful conditions
  • reduced movement and functionality

And the most important thing is, the back pain must be to only vertebral compression or fracture, but not hernia, arthritis, stenosis or any other spinal diseased conditions.

So, what happens before kyphoplasty ?

Few things are made sure before the treatment, like -

  1. Typical imaging tests  ( Xray, MRI, CT ) etc. to confirm vertebral fracture
  2. Routine medical and physical examinations with detailed history taking
  3. Blood tests to check all normal parameters
  4. Stop eating or drinking anything, 3 hours prior to kyphoplasty.
  5. Stop taking drugs, specially blood thinners, Aspirin etc before surgery

How kyphoplasty is done ?


  1. You'll lie on your belly.
  2. Your doctor will now insert a thick and hollow needle, through skin, into your vertebrae, a special X-ray called fluoroscopy guides the needle.under local anesthesia agent like Xylocaine.
  3. Now, a cement material (methyl polyacralate) or an inflatable balloon  is inserted through that needle.
  4. In Kyphoplasty, the balloon is used to open up a space to fill with cement; it's done when there's not enough space.

And, after kyphoplasty :


Kyphoplasty takes 2-3 hours only. It's an outpatient procedure, done using a little dose of local anaesthesia and you'll be discharged on that same day.

But, you'll have to follow some basic restrictions, as :


  • Get anyone to drive you home after the procedure, and take complete rest.
  • It's okay to resume Normal lifestyle, but avoid hard work and heavy lifting for atleast next 6 weeks
  • Pain due to the procedure should go away within 2-3 days, otherwise contact your doctor again.
  • Don't remove the bandage, take short showers instead of baths and follow all instructions of your doctor, strictly.

What are the benefits ?


  1. 75 % success rate so far, mostly used as final resort in back pains which aren't healing anyway.
  2. Most patients are symptom free, for lifetime.
  3. No need for physiotherapy or rehabilitation therapy etc
  4. Pain relief and improved mobility, immediately or atleast within 48 hours

But, is there any risk ?


  1. Very low risk procedure.
  2. Minor risk for infection, bleeding, numbness and tingling
  3. Soreness in the area of injection (it should resolve in 2-3 days),  try applying ice for quick relief.
  4. In osteoporosis patients, this procedure is slightly risky, because other fractures in vertebral body may happen ( the bone mineral density is already low, and prone to damage)

Any queries ? Do you think you may need kyphoplasty ? Are you suffering from any serious back pain ? Why wait !

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