Ultrasound guided injections are one of most modern treatments for chronic painful conditions like Tendinopathy, Osteoarthritis, muscle tears and carpal tunnel syndrome etc, mostly used in hip and knee joints. 

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When is this used?

It is of immense use specially when traditional medicines fail and patients are not in a right state for undergoing surgeries. Mostly used in sports medicine to provide the players with prompt recovery, cutting down the long hospital stay and rehabilitation period that surgical procedures may require.

Injections are used in a patient when the patient has :


  • Tried at least two or more oral painkillers but failed to get relief

  • Been suffering from intense debilitating pain and can not perform daily works normally

  • Tried physiotherapy and that hasn't worked too

What type of Injections available ?

Mostly two injections are used nowadays.

  • Viscosupplementation (hyaluronic acid)

  • Corticosteroid therapy

How is it done?

Almost the same as a normal spine or hip injection. Patient lies down on the bed, on his belly. Skin over the area is cleaned. Then drugs are introduced via needle, proceeding directly into the underlying bone and joint structure. Simultaneously, an Ultrasound machine is used to visualize the position of needle inside bony structures. This ensures accurate positioning.

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Why Injections? What are the advantages?

In these recent years, ultrasound guided Injection therapy has gained immense popularity among neurosurgeons.


  1. Ultrasound guided injections are proven to have better efficiency and longer action, for obvious reasons

  2. Visualization of target structure (joint tissue and bones) ensures that the injection needle has reached the exact spot

  3. Less side effects on whole body and rather localized action

  4. Acts as a smooth transition from painkillers to surgery (if can not be avoided), bridging the hard gap

  5. Prepares the patients for surgery, often delaying surgery for months. Patients can plan accordingly

What then, after getting the Injection?

It's a minimally invasive procedure, just one injection after all. Done in the OPD/ doctor's chamber and the patient is released immediately afterwards. 

Patients are advised to:

  • Avoid strenuous activities for next 4-5 days

  • Normal movements won't cause problem

  • To reduce infection, don't get the joint or that part submerged/wet.

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Early intervention is the key.

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